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why I always feel alone...

Hey friends,

Do you ever feel like you’re alone?

If I’m being really honest, that pretty accurately describes how I feel a lot right now.

Don’t worry.

I know that I’m NOT alone.

I’m surrounded by an incredible crew of friends who feel more like family.

I have a small but mighty team that helps me do a lot of the behind-the-scenes business stuff.

And I have all of YOU — a community that's been nothing short of inspiring.

I take none of these for granted.

But here’s the thing…

When you step out and do something completely new or against the norm, it can feel pretty lonely.

I think that’s something we can ALL relate to.

It’s like when you’re at a church or sporting event full of people where everyone's sharing the same experience.

But when you walk out of the stadium, you leave the comfort of the crowd.

It’s a good metaphor for life:

Stepping out and seeking something different can be a lonely journey.

But it's in that space—away from the crowd—that new visions come to life.

Releasing music the way I am now has had its lonely moments.

But just reading your email responses about going a different route has encouraged me to stay true to my vision.

And hopefully in time my vision becomes your vision and then it becomes our vision—a new way of valuing music as art.

We just wrapped up the Radio Room and it was a really special time.

There were around 1,000 people that walked through the opening night and it struck me how diverse the crowd was.

There were many people who would have never heard my music if I had done the typical “CD” release show or album listening party.

After all, if I had done the same thing I would have gotten the same result.

Here’s what I’m learning right now:

When you do something new, the “wins” look different.

And if I’m looking for wins through the old paradigm, the new ones would fly by and never be noticed.

If we only look through the lens of the past, we might miss the wins of the present.

I’m guessing there’s many of you that are taking steps to walk in a different direction or go against the grain.

And I want you to know that you are not alone.

We are swimming in the same waters. There’s just some waves between us that keep us from seeing each other.

I think the small army of 1,500 people on this email list can make massive change.

So here's my ask: If you have enjoyed reading these emails, would you consider sharing them with your friends?

We recently had an email with a 147% open rate. That means that over 2,000 people opened the email and read it because it was shared by you. Thank you!

I can hire the greatest publicist in the world and pay them enough money to run a small country. But I truly believe that you would far outperform anything money could buy.

Thank you for reading and listening and the replies to all these emails. I love being pen pals.

And stay tuned…

Next week, I have a BIG announcement that I can’t wait to share with you.

(Yes, it has to do with my new album. And I couldn’t be more excited.)

It’s the 1st step to creating the revolution we’re leading in the music industry.

Until then, keep sharing, keep dreaming, and let’s make waves together.


P.S. Any guesses what the announcement might be??

why I always feel alone...